The curriculum at William J. Fischer is designed to develop students’ conceptual and procedural understanding while also providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world mathematical problems. We provide all students with rich learning experiences that build critical knowledge, ultimately fostering readiness for college and career.

Algiers Charter’s 4-Core Rubric forms the foundation of Fischer’s instructional practice. From the Principal and Instructional Coaches to Teachers and Paraprofessionals, all Fischer academic team members use the 4-Core Rubric to ensure rigorous, standards aligned curriculum is taught and that students are being pushed to demonstrate learning.


The 4-Core rubric is based on four essential questions:

  • Student Engagement – Are all students engaged in the work of the lesson from start to finish?
  • Essential Content – Are all students working with content aligned to the appropriate standards for their subject and grade?
  • Academic Ownership – Are all students responsible for doing the thinking in the classroom?
  • Demonstration of Learning – Do all students demonstrate that they are learning?



Success For All (Reading)

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Success for All is not an ordinary program in any way. Step into a Success for All school and you know you are in a very special place immediately. Here is what is unique about Success for All: Cooperative learning is used all the time. Students work together productively to learn and take responsibility for one another.

  • Technology is deeply embedded in daily teaching and learning.
  • Students are highly motivated, engaged, noisy, and on task.
  • The pace of instruction is fast, and the kids keep up with it.
  • Every minute of teaching is well planned, exciting, and engaging.
  • Learning is constantly monitored, and problems are solved the right way.
  • Teachers teach the whole child—social and emotional learning, behavior, and cooperation are as important as academics.
  • Professional development is top notch and going on every day. Teachers know their craft and apply it with intelligence, adapting it to their students’ needs.
  • Everyone is involved in support of student success—teachers, parents, community members, and the kids themselves.

There is a strong research base in every component of SFA and in the program as a whole.

A Success for All school is an exciting place to teach and learn. Teachers work in teams to help one another develop as professionals. They gain the satisfaction of seeing students excited about learning and proud of their progress.



Core Knowledge (ELA)

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is a comprehensive, preschool through fifth grade program for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking while also building students’ vocabulary and knowledge across essential domains in literature, global and American history, and the sciences. In the early grades, CKLA focuses on oral language development through carefully sequenced read-alouds as well as systematic instruction in reading and writing skills. In later grades, CKLA continues to advance students’ knowledge and vocabulary through read-alouds and in-depth discussions while also immersing students in complex texts and advanced writing assignments that draw on the academic content they’ve been engaged in since preschool.



Expeditionary Learning (ELA)

4th – 8th Grade

Expeditionary Learning is a curriculum created to foster curiosity about the world by creating learning situations that provide something important to think about, time to experiment, and time to make sense of what is observed.

The curriculum is designed around experiential Learning Expeditions – multidisciplinary learning that allow students to investigate knowledge about our school community and the greater world. The study of big ideas enables us to weave together work in science, English, social studies, math, technology and the arts. We encourage our students to think in many ways.



Learnzillion (Math)

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

LearnZillion exists to empower teachers in providing the education that every student deserves, combining the expertise of teachers with the power of technology to support every teacher in providing exemplary instruction. LearnZillion’s student-centered K-8 math curriculum is informed by the best research available on early mathematics.

LearnZillion Finding Lessons

LearnZillion for Algiers Parents


Science & Social Studies

Science & Social Studies is focused on diving into appropriate informational text and full integration of the CCSS for Literacy. In order to ensure students are adequately prepared for the rigor of the new Science and Social Studies assessments that include Performance task, teachers implement cohesive units of instructions that address the demands of the common core.