What is a Bully?

unnamedLandry-Walker’s Theater I & II students put on a play about the impacts of bullying for the 3rd-8th grade students at Fischer on Thursday, November 19th. One student said they practiced every day. They also wrote the play, built the set, designed the costumes and operated the light and sound. 

This project began in September, when Mrs. Knox heard the word “bully” getting thrown around left and right. She commented, “Kids need to know what (bullying) really means. What better way than to hear from their cousins, neighbors, and relatives. They look up to High School students.” She contacted Landry-Walker to see if they would be interested in putting on the production.

This production was a huge success. The message was clear – bullying is painful and impacts people more than you see just at school. Landry-Walker’s theater students will be back in school to re-enact a storybook for the elementary students. 


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