Fairy Tales Come to Life

unnamed (5)Sparkly streamers, flashing lights, and mystical music filled Fischer’s hallways as students arrived to school on October 13th. A timer was running, counting down the seconds until Magical Read Day began. Fischer’s Pre-K through 2nd grade students could hardly contain their excitement as Cinderella swirled and twirled past the classroom door. 

The elementary educators put together a magical morning, where everyone was dressed up in costume from their favorite book. With student’s in place, the characters rotated through the classrooms, where each student was able to hear three enchanting stories. Pinkalicious mesmerized students with her obsession with eating pink foods, while the Red Queen told the story of Alice and the White Rabbit. 

Ms. Knox, a.k.a. Cruella De Vil, was the ringleader of this event. Her goal was to show the magic in education, not necessarily in developing a love for reading. “Every student doesn’t have to love to read, but all students can be engaged in every classroom.” The students loved every second of Magical Read Day. Teachers and Fischer work hard to find the magic in the lessons they teach. 


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